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Janitorial Services

Do you have a common area within your business premises which require cleaning? Common areas are hallways, lobbies, entrances, restrooms, break rooms. Since these areas are high traffic areas with a lot of people, these areas get dirty quickly and more likely to be full of germs. ProBrite Cleaning & Janitorial offers its expertise to clean such areas and ensure that all the areas are free of germs and thoroughly sanitized.

ProBrite Cleaning & Janitorial provide janitorial provides the best cleaning services in Houston, Texas for our clients throughout the local area since 2018. We believe in providing the best and customized services with a very affordable plan and convenient schedule. We always care about your needs and your schedule and prioritize it as our own. Our prime objective is quality and safety, so you can deal with your clients and leave the cleaning to us. 

We have been providing the best janitorial services in Houston, Texas, and its surrounding towns. 

Our routine janitorial tasks include but not limited to:

  • Empty trash bins & change wastebasket liners
  • Washing and sweeping floors
  • Vacuum all the carpeted areas
  • Clean all the common areas
  • Wipe down cafeteria 
  • Cleaning vending machines and refrigerators
  • Dusting
  • Restroom cleaning & sanitizing
  • Refilling bathroom tissue holders, soap towel and sanitary dispensers
  • Other jobs on demand
  • Window Washing

When looking for great janitorial services, businesses should consider several integral attributes. We are not a company that offer sub-par cleaning, instead we offer employees with the ability to scrub and vacuum. We are efficient and reliable, always arriving on time and follow directions. We believe in giving 100% of great janitorial services. If you want a great janitor, call on us to get the job done. Janitors are a valuable addition to any workplace. They put their skills to use in a variety of different offices and public facilities such as office buildings, schools, libraries, stores, and hospitals. Committed to the highest level of quality and professionalism, ProBrite Cleaning and Janitorial offers flexible and affordable cleaning services that can be customized to suit your needs. So whatever sort of building you need cleaned, you can count on our janitorial services.

Types of facilities

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Real Estate companies
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Technology and High-Security Buildings
  • Call Centers
  • Municipalities
  • Museums and Sporting Complexes
  • Educational Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Small Offices
cleaning and janitorial services in houston texas

Our Philosophy

Why Probrite is Stand out

We don’t want to work in dirty or unclean places and we are sure you don’t either. At ProBrite Cleaning & Janitorial Our philosophy is straightforward, keep your areas clean as it assures a healthier environment for your employees, guests, clients, and dealers. Our experts are fully trained to ensure that your property is cleaned and sanitized according to your needs. Our crew is fully dedicated to making your office look clean, beautiful, and be germ-free.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Company Houston Texas
  • We follow our strict SOPs and encourage you to communicate with us and provide us your valuable feedback.
  • We use the right equipment and persons for the right job.
  • Our team has highly motivated professionals with a sincere desire to provide your best services even after hours.
  • Fast and reliable services from our professional team 
  • By using Probrite services, we guarantee 100% satisfaction
  • 24/7 reachable customer support
  • Routine follow-up to assure your 100% satisfaction. 

Our Process

Call us or email us your need.

Our customer support rep will contact you as soon as they received a request.

You have to provide us your convenient schedule, date and time.

Our expert team will be at your doorsteps at said time. 

We have been providing janitorial and cleaning services for many years and most of our clients come through word of mouth because we are recognized as a reliable and quality service provider. Don’t worry about your cleaning; lets Probrite handle it. Let us focus on cleaning while your focus on your business, family, and loved ones.

At ProBrite we are honored to provide excellent services to you and your families in the Houston area so you can spend more time on your important things and we take care of your cleaning. If you want to know more about our services, please don’t wait. Call us and talk to our experts.