The Eyes of the Overworld

Author: Jack Vance

ISBN: 9780671832926
Pages: 190
Underneath the fading sun, Cugel–a hero–emerges. Well, sort of a hero, but more of a trickster. Less Hector, more Ulysses; less Samson, more Jacob; less Tom, and a lot more Huck. Cugel, however, is less likable than any of the these. Selfish, exploitative, and filled with unlimited self-regard, he continually overestimates his own considerable intelligence and fails where a lesser man might have succeeded.

Paradoxically, it is Cugel’s flaws and failures that keep us on his side during his picaresque journey, and his personality helps organize what might otherwise seem a disconnect series of tales. Vance’s prose is still eccentric but more fluid than in the previous “Dying Earth” collection, and his imagination continues to astound: his descriptions of landscapes, individual flora and fauna are mesmerizing, and his plot inventions–particular the “eyes” mentioned in the title–are a source of continual delight.
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