Makaira: The Double Edged Sword.

Author: Olutosin Ogunkolade

ISBN: 9781456777111
Pages: 88
Description: It’s a book that will attract a huge purchase in my opinion once the word about it gets out there more.
The author is new on the ‘scene’ but his effort is to be commended. The book is fast paced, cleverly put together and it’s an enjoyable read.
It’s front cover is an excellent concept, with 3 swords crossing each other over the flag of Nigeria.
It’s the only book I know about from Nigeria that’s of the sci-fi, fictional genre that has Nigeria as it’s primary focus. The main character of the book is Nigerian, and the book itself is a great balance of action, adventure, fantasy, fiction, and spirituality, which are all well weaved together with politics, everyday life, love, and science.
A great effort, easy to read, creative, and not voluminous.
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