Author: Deborah Chiel

ISBN: 9780671537517
Pages: 224
Description: Well, I like the movie, and this is the movie in book form, so I guess I like the book. It has a few extra lines in it that weren’t as good as others, so I’m glad they didn’t make it in the movie.

I really love Maude in the movie, so I found myself picturing her a lot while I read. I’m not convinced of Harrison Ford’s devotion to Sabrina in the end, though….they seemed kind of mechanical and plastic/fake to me.

David in the movie isn’t ‘dashing’, but is a good actor. I found I couldn’t picture my own characters (my own imaginations) as I read, so that was a downfall when the characters from the movie fell short.

All in all, a great chick flick. I love love love Sabrina in the movie, her dad, the made, even Rosa, Elizabeth, the Tysons, etc.
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